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The other five need help.
Sixth Fuel is a custom solutions company, turning the abundant resource of Energy Efficiency into financial, kWh, & therm savings for Consumers, Retailers, Manufacturers and Utilities.  The Sixth Fuel is tomorrow's energy resources available today.
While Energy Efficiency programs have been around for a long time, the industry and regulations are rapidly changing and itís critical to adapt to this paradigm shift.   To this end, Sixth Fuel offers the following services enabling stakeholders to move quickly to capture significant financial and energy savings:
- Management Consulting >>
- Education & Training
- Rebate and Incentive Programs
Our strengths are listening, understanding, and translating our services to dovetail with your existing utility programs, in turn to create quantified improvement and increase captured savings. 

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- RFP's; Retail/Utility Outreach; Manufacturer Upstream Services >>
- Online Education; Multi-Family; Qualification Services